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Market shopping in our Misc-store neighbourhood 

More and more is happening in our lively neighbourhood; we’ve really looked forward to this Easter weekend. Nearby our store two unique locations are transformed into social markets where you can find almost anything; from organic bread, wine and sweets to fashion, furniture, books and bikes. These individual markets present a diverse selection of fine things with one common denominator: the focus on local goods.  

Happy Easter Shopping!


Mercatormarkt at Mercatorplein

Today, the day before Easter, the monthly Mercatormarkt returns; this market is the first organic orientated food market in Amsterdam-West and always offers a great variety of constantly recurring market stands, driven by passionate people who believe in their products. Mercatormarkt represents fresh, organic, original and local goods. Besides that it’s the neighbourhoods’ charm that makes this market stand out from any other.

For more information about the Mercatormarkt and its exhibiting vendors, have a look at their Facebook page.


Local Goods Weekend Market at De Hallen

Nowadays the old tram depot De Hallen is an open house for cultural and creative initiatives. This Saturday and Sunday De Hallen is celebrating the first edition of the Local Goods Weekend Market, which is realized by Indie Brands, Pakhuis de Zwijger and Made in Amsterdam. This market creates a platform for local independent entrepreneurs to show and tell their innovative brand story to a broader public.

We spoke with Anneloes van Gaalen, founder of Indie Brands, it really showed she was very proud to organize a market at such a historic and industrial location. Besides her enthusiasm for the brands participating in the Local Market, she also stresses the uprise of Amsterdam-West as a new destination.

“Because of its edginess and international feel, De Hallen is quite impressive. It really demonstrates Amsterdam provides a range of interesting places outside the city centre. I think Amsterdam-West is worthwhile for anybody to discover; this melting pot of different cultures and individuals is very open, but still has its raw characteristics”.

Local Goods Weekend Market is open 19th and 20th of April.

De Hallen
Hannie Dankbaar Passage 33
1053 RT Amsterdam

For more information about the Local Weekend Market, see the Indie Brands Facebook page.



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Across retailers worldwide from April 2014; Cabourns 2nd edition of the ARMY TRAVELER’S notebook passport size.

Last summer Midori and vintage king Nigel Cabourn launched their first collaboration; the ARMY EDITION.

Adorned with the British Arrow and a matching army green painted pencil, the second edition has a black leather cover and the brass pencil covered in a matte black pencil.

We can’t wait to have this one in store.

Send us an email at hello@misc-store.com if you want to be in the waiting list; mind you, this edition is very very exclusive and we expect it to run out fast.

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Ever since we saw Karte Design Fabriks cards circulating the web, we have been fans. Whilst we made a selection of their full range of cards, we were especially pleased when they finished our their three designs for our cards.

Online available in a box of 9 cards, of every style three cards in a pretty nice box.

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Open for almost a month now, and already in a Top 7 for concept stores in Amsterdam, we like!

Before we could have shout it out ourselves, some of the finest (traveling)blogs around paid a visit and wrote some really nice words about us.

Thanks for all the L O V E !





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We recently opened our doors of our misc-store that annexes our head quarters in Amsterdam.

Situated at De Clercqstraat 130, we are open from Wed-Fri (13-19) and Sat (12-18).

Come in and browse your favorite items in real life and see the beautiful Katakana desk from Dare Studio we have available in store.


De Clercqstraat 130
1052 NP Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Opening hours:
Wed-Fri 13-19h
Sat 12-18h

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Ensure your Christmas orders by ordering until Dec 16th 2013.

We will dispatch your orders with Fedex ensuring timely delivery within Europe before Dec 24th 2013*.
And remember, a special Free Delivery Worldwide for orders above €75**.


* Fedex will have its delivery attempt before or on Dec 24th 2013.
** Free Worldwide Delivery with Fedex for NL, EU, USA and Australia. All other countries will be dispatched with Royal Mail.



To help out with the selection of Christmas gifts, we present our Top Fives for gifts under €15, €30 and €100.

Our Top Five under €25:

(Clockwise from left to right)

20 Aphorisms €24,90

Misc Sets 2 €23,90

- Postalco notebook A6 for €15,90; Available in three colors; Dark Blue, Light Blue or Schoolbus Yellow.

- le typographes To Do list for €6,90; Also available in Marine.

Brass Numbered Clips €16,90; the necessary office supplies 2.0

Our Top Five under €50:

(Clockwise from left to right)

Postalco Snap Pad A4 €44,90

- Star Edition €44,90

- MAKR Single Wedge Hook €39,00

100 Questions €29,90

- P.A.P. iPad Cover light Grey €45;

Our Top Five under €100:

(Clockwise from left to right)

Roberu iPhone Black €89,50, Also available in other colors and iPhone 4

Midori MD leather cover €89

- Hacoa Business Card Holder €69,90

- Midori x Cabourn €89

-TAJIKA Household Shears €74,90


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Use our Misc-Store code FREESHIP13 for world wide free delivery until December 31st.

Valid on all purchases above €75.

Happy Shopping!

P.S. For our NON-EU friends, free delivery from €75 ex VAT.

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Whilst we are building our retail environment, we would like to show you a picture of what to expect.

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Goodbye to the old, hello to the new.
After our previous Misc-Store sets sold like hot cakes, we thought about introducing some new sets.

Our Misc-store sets boast our favorite items of the moment, resulting in a pretty nice combination, with a small discount.

Misc Set 1 is a photogenic arrangement of Roberu pencase in black, le typographe’s ticketlist and 6 The School of Life Psychoanalysis pencils.

Leather purveyor Roberu’s take the on the pencase resulted in a penpouch with nice leather foldings at the ends. Teamed with le typographe’s ticket list, which you can use as a small to do no pad (tearing the to do’s off in stead of crossing them – how satisfying is that?) or with your info stamped on the sheets as business cards, and the pencils this is a set that is both esthetically sound as practial.

This set includes:
- Roberu Pencase black
- le typographe Ticketlist
- The School of Life Psychoanalysis pencils (6 pcs)
- € 85,00 (nett worth € 91,40)


Misc Set 2 combines two old time favorites; the Japanese Midori Spiral Ring Notebook Kangaroo in a B7 and the German Kaweco Classic Sport Fountain Pen in white (with spare blank ink refills).

The Kangaroo style Spiral Ring Notebook has 32 pages folded in a way they have a ‘pocket’ (like a kangaroo), to store small (paper) items. The smallest B7 size fits business cards, as seen in the pictures below.

The design of the Kaweco Classic Sport writingtools have not changed since its beginning. It’s an compact design with their iconic hexagon body. Ink refills are included in the set.

This set includes:
- Midori Spiral Ring Notebook B7 Kangaroo
- Kaweco Classic Sport Fountain Pen (M nib) White with 6 Ink refills in Black
- € 23,90 (net worth €27,90)


As the TRAVELER’S notebook is one of our main best sellers, Misc Set 3 contains a Midori TRAVELER’S notebook with the 2014 diary and their newest refills.

TRAVELER’S notebook is perhaps best described as an analogue Apple device and its refills equal the apps you can add on to personalize your notebook. This set includes the 2014 weekly diary, a kraft file to hold your (travel) documents and elastic binders to link several paper refills to eachother.

This set includes:
- TRAVELER’S notebook (brown/black); includes a 003 blank paper refill
- 020 Kraft File refill
- 021 Binding Bands refill
- 2014 Weekly diary refill
- €89,90 (nett worth €98,60)

Please see our Misc Sets at our Misc-store

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Roberu‘s camera straps remain top of the bill, ever since they had introduced their take on the strap a couple of years ago. Whilst a number of other leather companies started to produce camera straps too, we at misc-store.com like to think they are no match to Roberu’s fine craftsmanship.

After a successful collar with Canvas Kings 6SHIKI using Kurashiku canvas, Roberu now introduces new canvas straps made of the same outstanding Japanese premium canvas and their signature naturally-tanned leather.

The straps are made of the most finely made, specially dyed and water-shedding “paraffin” finished canvas. After using it for about a week, keeping it’s water-shedding quality, it will start to fit and become wondrously soft, with it’s original canvas drape.

You can fasten the strap to the camera with the leather straps and metal buckles, which breath Roberu’s craftsmanship and quality.

The strap in extensively tested with camera’s weighing up to 5 kg, measures 110cm  + 4 cm adjustable straps and metal buckles of 1 cm width.

Available at misc-store for €109 in blackmustard and olive.

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